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Q1           Score:  1.96
  They are on liberal terms with regard to the rate of interest
 They are on liberal terms with regard to the period of repayment
 They can be repaid in the currency of the member country
 All of the above
Q2           Score:  1.96
Q3           Score:  1.96
 Prohibited subsidies
 Actionable subsidies
 Non-actionable subsidies
 None of the above
Q4           Score:  1.96
 1 and 2
 2 and 3
 1,2 and 3
 1,2 and 4
Q5           Score:  1.96
 David Ricardo
 adam smith
Q6           Score:  1.96
 Export control
 Current Account Convertibility
 Liberalised Export Policy
 Unified Exchange Rate
Q7           Score:  1.96
 They meet once a year
 They may vote by mail at other times except the annual meeting
 Both (A) and (B)
 They are elected annually
Q8           Score:  1.96
 A balance of trade deals with export and import of invisible items only.
 A balance of payment deals with both visible and invisible items.
 The current account is not a component of balance of payment.
Q9           Score:  1.96
 Government Securities
 Corporate Deposits
 Corporate Equity
 Global Depository Receipts
Q10           Score:  1.96
 Poverty test
 Performance test
 Project test
 all of the above
Q11           Score:  1.96
 Equal to efficiency gains
 Less than efficiency gains
 More than efficiency gains
Q12           Score:  1.96
 Bank Drafts
 Mail Transfer
 Telegraphic Transfer
 None of the above
Q13           Score:  1.96
 At Par
 At premium
 At Discount
Q14           Score:  1.96
 Receipts of foreign private lending
 Receipts of foreign public lending
  Investments less repayment of principal and interest on former loans and investments
 Import duties
Q15           Score:  1.96
 Volume of exports
 Price paid for exports
 Type of product
 Both (A) and (B)
Q16           Score:  1.96
Q17           Score:  1.96
 i, ii, iii and iv
 ii, iii, iv and v
 iii, iv, v and vi
 All of the above
Q18           Score:  1.96
 Product Positioning
 Market Segmentation
 Distribution Network
 All of the above
Q19           Score:  1.96
 i, ii, v and vi
 i, iv, v and vii
 i, ii, iii, v, vi and vii
 All of the above
Q20           Score:  1.96
Q21           Score:  1.96
 Product, Price, Place, Promotion
 Product, Price, Penetration Promotion
 Product, Price
 Product, Price, Positioning, Promotion
Q22           Score:  1.96
 New Delhi
Q23           Score:  1.96
 Ministry of finance
Q24           Score:  1.96
Q25           Score:  1.96
 All of the above
Q26           Score:  1.96
Q27           Score:  1.96
 Banking Department, Ministry of Finance
 Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
Q28           Score:  1.96
 Section 42
 Section 24
 Section 110A
 Section 452A
Q29           Score:  1.96
 Trustee and Beneficiary
 Drawees and Drawee
 Licensor and Licensee
 Principle and Agent
Q30           Score:  1.96
Q31           Score:  1.96
 Operational Research
 Budgetary control
 Financial Administration
Q32           Score:  1.96
 Negatively correlated
 Positively correlated
 Zero Correlation
 None of the above
Q33           Score:  1.96
 None of the above
Q34           Score:  1.96
 The probability of failing to reject the null hypothesis, given the observed results
 The probability that the null hypothesis is true, given the observed results
 The probability that the observed results are statistically significant, given that the null hypothesis is true
 The probability of observing results as extreme or more extreme than currently observed, given that the null hypothesis is true
Q35           Score:  1.96
 direct files
 sequential files
 both (A) & (B)
 None of these
Q36           Score:  1.96
 Customer file
 Sales hlstory file
 Inventory file
 All of the above
Q37           Score:  1.96
Q38           Score:  1.96
 1, 2, and 3
 only 4
 only 3
 only 2
Q39           Score:  1.96
 Cost of goods sold / Average stock
 Turnover at cost / stock at cost
 Turnover at selling price / Stock at selling price
 Any of the above
Q40           Score:  1.96
 Return on Investment
 Ratio of Investment
 Return of Income
 None of these
Q41           Score:  1.96
Q42           Score:  1.96
 1 - a, 2 - c, 3 - e, 4 - b
 1 - b, 2 - e, 3 - a, 4 - c
 1 - a, 2 - e, 3 - d, 4 - b
 1 - e, 2 - c, 3 - d, 4 - a
Q43           Score:  1.96
 Net cash sales
 Net credit sales
 Closing stock
 Net total sales
Q44           Score:  1.96
 Current liabilities
 Current assets
 Total liabilities
 Total assets
Q45           Score:  1.96
 1 - d, 2 - a, 3 - c, 4 -b
 1- b, 2- d, 3 - a, 4- c
 1 - b, 2 - c, 3 - a, 4 - d
 1-d, 2 -a, 3 - b,4 - c
Q46           Score:  1.96
 1,5, and 6
 4,5, and 6
 2,4, and 6
Q47           Score:  1.96
 Only Debentures
 Only current liabilities
 Debentures and current liability
Q48           Score:  1.96
Q49           Score:  1.96
 1 - b, 2 - a, 3 - d, 4 - c
 1 - c, 2 - d, 3 - a, 4 - b
 1 - c, 2 - a, 3 - d, 4 - b
 1- b, 2 - d, 3 - a,4 - c
Q50           Score:  1.96
 Fixed Budget
 Operating Budget
 Long term Budget
Q51           Score:  1.96
 Debtors and B/R
 Creditors and B/P
 Bank overdraft and loan
 Debtors and creditors


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