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Q1           Score:  2.22
 Individual manager subordinate to an employer cannot act as managing agent.
  Managing agent includes an individual manager subordinate to an employer.
  Only employer can act as managing agent.
 The appropriate government shall appoint managing agent.
Q2           Score:  2.22
 General Accord on Tariff and Trade
 Generous Agreement on Trade and Tariff
 General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
Q3           Score:  2.22
 Market research
  Product-mix expansion
 Reducing cost of production
Q4           Score:  2.22
Q5           Score:  2.22
  Concept Development and Testing
  Idea Screening
 Test Marketing
Q6           Score:  2.22
  Overall Family Branding
  Line Family Branding
  Individual Branding
Q7           Score:  2.22
 Joint venture
 Strategic planning
Q8           Score:  2.22
 Consumer goods
 Industrial goods
 Speciality goods
 None of the above
Q9           Score:  2.22
  Assessing the information needs.
 Developing the needed information.
 Distributing the information.
 all of the above
Q10           Score:  2.22
Q11           Score:  2.22
 Producer-dealer-wholesaler retailer- consumer
Q12           Score:  2.22
 For which demand increases as price decreases
 Which is in short supply?
  Which have high elasticity of demand?
Q13           Score:  2.22
Q14           Score:  2.22
  Prevailing economic and political conditions.
 Emerging new technologies
 Financial conditions and culture
 None of the above
Q15           Score:  2.22
  Bureaucratic as well as redtapic
 Innovative and challenging, making the corporate dynamic
 Innovative, challenging, but often resisted
Q16           Score:  2.22
 1, 2 and 3 only
  6, 7 and 8 only
 5, 7 and 9 only
  2, 3 and 9 only
Q17           Score:  2.22
 i, ii & iii
 i, ii & iv
  i, iii & iv
 i, ii, iii & iv
Q18           Score:  2.22
  i, ii, iii & v
 i, iii, iv & v
 i, ii, iii & iv
 i, ii, iii, iv & v
Q19           Score:  2.22
 i, ii & iii
  i, ii & iv
 i, ii, iii & iv
 i, iii & iv
Q20           Score:  2.22
 Purchase of materials
  storing of materials
 issue of materials
Q21           Score:  2.22
 Purchase of materials
 storing of materials
 issue of materials
Q22           Score:  2.22
 Material management
  quality control
  accounting of material
  material supply
Q23           Score:  2.22
 finance department
 cost accounting department
Q24           Score:  2.22
  Physical verification
  financial control
 financial verification
 quality verification
Q25           Score:  2.22
  Any of the Above.
Q26           Score:  2.22
 Difference between agreed rate and spot rate at the time of entering into contract.
 Difference between agreed rate and spot rate on the due date of contract
 Forward premium / discount annualized.
Q27           Score:  2.22
 Hedging receivables.
 Hedging payables.
 Hedging contingency exposures.
 Hedging foreign currency loans
Q28           Score:  2.22
Q29           Score:  2.22
  Entering into forward contracts.
  Denominating the transaction in domestic currency.
 Exposure netting
Q30           Score:  2.22
  Denominating in a third currency.
  Denominating partly in importer's currency and partly in exporter's currency.
  Entering a exchange rate clause in the contract.
 Denominating in domestic currency.
Q31           Score:  2.22
 Can be controlled
 Cannot be controlled
 Can be controlled within certain limit
Q32           Score:  2.22
 Price taker
 Adjust output
 price maker
Q33           Score:  2.22
 Arc Cross Price Elasticity
 Cost Output
 Cost Profit
Q34           Score:  2.22
 Collusive oligopoly
 Non-Collusive oligopoly
Q35           Score:  2.22
 MC = MR
 AC = AR
 MR = AR
 MR = P
Q36           Score:  2.22
 is always negative
 can be positive
 is always positive
 Is zero at point at which the total revenue is maximum
Q37           Score:  2.22
 A higher quantity and a lower price
 A higher quantity and the same price
 A higher quantity and higher price
 All of the above
Q38           Score:  2.22
 Demand Forecasting
 Demand Differentials
 Demand Determinations
 All of the above
Q39           Score:  2.22
 MR curve cannot be defined
 AR curve cannot be defined
 The short run supply curve cannot be defined
 None of the above
Q40           Score:  2.22
 Adam Smith
 Joseph Schumpeter
Q41           Score:  2.22
 TRn - TRn-1
 P x Q
  TR / MR
 TR / Q
Q42           Score:  2.22
Q43           Score:  2.22
Q44           Score:  2.22
 Increase in Demand (Upward shift)
 Extention in demand
 Contraction in demand
Q45           Score:  2.22
 A vertical straight line
 Convex to the origin
 Concave to the origin
 A horizontal straight line


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