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Q1           Score:  2.08
Q2           Score:  2.08
 mathematical averages
 population averages
 sample averages
 averages of position
Q3           Score:  2.08
Q4           Score:  2.08
 sampling interval
 sub stage interval
 secondary stage interval
Q5           Score:  2.08
 purposive sampling
 judgment sampling
 quota sampling
Q6           Score:  2.08
Q7           Score:  2.08
 higher net present value
 lower net present value
 zero net present value
 all of the above
Q8           Score:  2.08
 valued relationship
 economic relationship
 direct relationship
Q9           Score:  2.08
 5 years
 3.5 years
 4 years
 4.5 years
Q10           Score:  2.08
 negative economic value added
 positive economic value added
 zero economic value added
 percent economic value added
Q11           Score:  2.08
 original period
 investment period
 payback period
Q12           Score:  2.08
 transaction approach
 replacement chain approach
 common life approach
 Both B and C
Q13           Score:  2.08
 shorter payback period
 greater payback period
 less project return
Q14           Score:  2.08
 external rate of return
 internal rate of return
 both a & b
Q15           Score:  2.08
 cash flow decision
 cost decision
 same decisions
Q16           Score:  2.08
 positive rate of return
 negative rate of return
 external rate of return
 internal rate of return
Q17           Score:  2.08
 external return method
 net present value of method
 net future value method
Q18           Score:  2.08
 net loss profile
 net present value profile
 net future value profile
Q19           Score:  2.08
 p.v of hurdle rate
 fv of hurdle rate
 p.v of terminal value
Q20           Score:  2.08
 optimal capital budget
 minimum capital budget
 maximum capital budget
Q21           Score:  2.08
 swapped mortgages
 sovereign mortgages
 secondary mortgages
 primary mortgagees
Q22           Score:  2.08
 three institutions
 single investor
 multiple investor
Q23           Score:  2.08
 borrower defaults
 borrower does not default
 borrower want less rate
Q24           Score:  2.08
 mean average
 standard deviation
Q25           Score:  2.08
 cost center
 revenue center
 profit center
Q26           Score:  2.08
 revenue center
 cost center
 investment center
 profit center
Q27           Score:  2.08
 activity subordinates
 broader responsibility center
 broader subordinates
Q28           Score:  2.08
 distribution companies
 textile companies
 retailing companies
Q29           Score:  2.08
Q30           Score:  2.08
 rate of return
 return amount
 nvestment rate
Q31           Score:  2.08
Q32           Score:  2.08
Q33           Score:  2.08
 depreciation and amortization
 net sales
 net profit
 net income
Q34           Score:  2.08
 preferred stock account
 common stock account
 due stock account
 preceded stock account
Q35           Score:  2.08
Q36           Score:  2.08
 riskier portfolios
 behavior portfolios
 inefficient portfolios
 efficient portfolios
Q37           Score:  2.08
 aggregate risk
 remaining risk
 effective risk
Q38           Score:  2.08
 degree of dispersion is one
 degree of dispersion is two
 degree of dispersion is three
Q39           Score:  2.08
 Sharpe's reward to variability ratio
 tenor's reward to volatility ratio
 Jensen's alpha
 tenor's variance to volatility ratio
Q40           Score:  2.08
 historical rate
 embedded rate
 marginal rate
 Both A and B
Q41           Score:  2.08
 dividend return
 premium face value
 premium stock
 premium warrants
 expected rate of return
Q42           Score:  2.08
Q43           Score:  2.08
 financial instruments
 financial asset markets
 physical asset markets
 easy markets
Q44           Score:  2.08
 change in net working capital
 change in current assets
 change in current liabilities
 change in depreciation
Q45           Score:  2.08
 occurred cost
 opportunity costs
 weighted cost
Q46           Score:  2.08
 cost of inflation
 cost of debt and equity
 cost of opportunity
Q47           Score:  2.08
 foreign effects
 weighted effects
 opportunity effects
Q48           Score:  2.08
 replacement projects
 new projects
 internal projects


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