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Q1           Score:  3.45
Q2           Score:  3.45
Q3           Score:  3.45
 10 %
 15 %
 20 %
 16 %
Q4           Score:  3.45
 Complex structure
 Political structure
 Convenient structure
 Formal structure
Q5           Score:  3.45
Q6           Score:  3.45
  Economic environment
 Political environment
 Social environment
 Multi-cultural environment
Q7           Score:  3.45
Q8           Score:  3.45
 Medicine : Cure/
 Injection : Fever/
  Vaccination : Baby
Q9           Score:  3.45
Q10           Score:  3.45
Q11           Score:  3.45
Q12           Score:  3.45
Q13           Score:  3.45
 Both conclusion I and conclusion II follow
  None of the two conclusions follows
 Only conclusion I follow
 Only conclusion II follows
Q14           Score:  3.45
  promotion of good health
 people suffering from imaginary illnesses
 people suffering from real illnesses
Q15           Score:  3.45
 his work which good health makes possible
  looking after his health
 his health which makes work possible
Q16           Score:  3.45
 free medicine distribution in hospitals
  free education to medical students
 taking yoga classes
 the health articles in popular magazines
Q17           Score:  3.45
 health is an end in itself
 health is a blessing
 health is only means to an end
  we should not talk about health
Q18           Score:  3.45
 To maintain discipline in the classroom
 To make students do their homework
  To make teaching learning process enjoyable
Q19           Score:  3.45
 It is justified because behaviors are echo lim.
 Your behavior is not good because elders have the right to behave you in this way.
  Your behavior is also a sign of maladjustment and so try to control yourself when you are maltreated.
Q20           Score:  3.45
 The Extent To Which A Teacher Subscribes To A Professional Code
 A Teacher Has To Teach For The Sake Of Getting Salaries
 A Teacher Must Have Completed Professional Teachers Training Course Before His Appointment
 All Of These
Q21           Score:  3.45
  Determination Of Objectives
 Selection Of Learning Activities
  Determination Of Learning Process
Q22           Score:  3.45
 High Enough To Be Heard By Every Student Clearly
  Loud, So That Every One Can Hear Clearly
  Sometime Low And Some Time High
Q23           Score:  3.45
 The Analysis And Assessment Of Teaching Provide Feedback For Further Improvement In Teaching Method.
 It Is Highly Dominated By Communication Skill.
 It Is A Process Not An Act.
 all of the above
Q24           Score:  3.45
 Teacher Should Have Control Over The Students To Maintain Peace And Order In The Class
 Teaching Should Be Pupil Centered Rather Than Subject Centered.
 Teacher Should Arouse Interest Among Students About The Subject
 All Of These
Q25           Score:  3.45
 Not care about the intelligent students
  Keep your speed of teaching fast so that students comprehension level may increase
 Keep your teaching slow
 Keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to bright pupils
Q26           Score:  3.45
  Variance of independent variable.
 Variance of dependent variable.
 Variance of extraneous variables.
 Error variance.
Q27           Score:  3.45
 (A) Both (A) and (R) are correct.
 (B) Only (A) is correct.
 (C) Only (R) is correct.
Q28           Score:  3.45
 Expression of relationship between/among variables.
 Clarity and unambiguousness.
  Possibility of empirical testing.
  Possibility of use of statistical analysis.
Q29           Score:  3.45
  Attitude towards school
  Family size in a locality
  Marital status of College students
 Religious affiliation of workers.


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