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Q1           Score:  2.33
 Perfect competition
 Monopolistic competitio
Q2           Score:  2.33
  (A) and (R) are correct.
  (A) is correct, but (R) is not correct.
  (A) is not correct, but (R) is correct
Q3           Score:  2.33
 Giffen goods
  Normal goods
  Articles of conspicuous consumption
Q4           Score:  2.33
 All non-Government organisation substantially financed by politicl parties
 All body owned, controlled or substantially financed by the appropriate Government
  All non-Government organisation substantially financed by the appropriate Government
Q5           Score:  2.33
 The GDP will increase by $ 3000
 The GDP will decrease by $ 3000
 he GDP will increase by $ 1000
Q6           Score:  2.33
  A, B and C
  C, B and A
 B, A and C
  C, A and B
Q7           Score:  2.33
 General Account
 Special disbursement account
 World Bank Account
Q8           Score:  2.33
 Reducing number of reserved industries from 17 to 8
 Liberating the industry, trade and economy from unwanted restrictions
 Opening up of economy to the world by attaining international competitiveness
 Free determination of interest rates
Q9           Score:  2.33
 i, ii & iii
  i, ii & iv
 i, iii & iv
  i, ii, iii & iv
Q10           Score:  2.33
Q11           Score:  2.33
  Rs. 23,370
  Rs. 26,422
 Rs. 24,422
Q12           Score:  2.33
 is always negative
 can be positive
 is always positive
 is zero at point at which the total revenue is maximum
Q13           Score:  2.33
 Ministerial conference
 Disputes settlement body
 Director General
 All of the above
Q14           Score:  2.33
  Prevention of Monopolistic Trade practices
 Prevention of Restrictive trade practices
 Prohibition of Unfair Trade Practices
 Regulation of Combinations
Q15           Score:  2.33
 Industrial Policy Act 1991
 FEMA act
Q16           Score:  2.33
 future investment
 forward investment
 leveraged investment
Q17           Score:  2.33
 return backed security
 mortgage backed security
 cash flow backed security
Q18           Score:  2.33
  Force = valence divided by expectancy
 Force = valence × expectancy
 Force = strength of an individual preference for an outcome
Q19           Score:  2.33
 assets backed market
 cash flow backed markets
 mortgage backed markets
 derivative securities markets
Q20           Score:  2.33
 Test of significance of a sample proportion (two-tail test)
  Test of significance of a sample proportion (one-tail test)
  Test of significance of difference between two sample proportion (two-tail test)
 Test of significance of difference between two sample proportion (one-tail test)
Q21           Score:  2.33
 hiring problems
 agency problems
 corporation internal problems
Q22           Score:  2.33
 Strategic Alliance
Q23           Score:  2.33
 Currency Notes
 Paper Gold
 Silver Coin
 Gold Coin
Q24           Score:  2.33
 A higher quantity and a lower price
 A higher quantity and the same price
 A higher quantity and higher price
 all of the above
Q25           Score:  2.33
 e > 1
 e = 0
  e = ∝
 e < 1
Q26           Score:  2.33
 Equivalent to its quota
 More than its quota
 Less than its quota
Q27           Score:  2.33
Q28           Score:  2.33
 current liabilities
 income expenses
 non-cash revenues
 non-cash charges
Q29           Score:  2.33
Q30           Score:  2.33
 t’ test
 F’ test
 Chi-square’ test
Q31           Score:  2.33
 Member country's currency
 Special Drawing Rights
Q32           Score:  2.33
 trading house
 guarantee house
 clearing house
Q33           Score:  2.33
 inventory margin
 sales margin
 Gross margin
Q34           Score:  2.33
 high dividend
 low dividend
Q35           Score:  2.33
Q36           Score:  2.33
 Point elasticity
 Arc elasticity
 both a & b
Q37           Score:  2.33
Q38           Score:  2.33
 unplanned level
 budgeting level
 denominator level
Q39           Score:  2.33
 All the above
Q40           Score:  2.33
 Elasticity of demand
 Price Elasticity of demand
 Income elasticity of demand
Q41           Score:  2.33
 Chairman of Executive Board
 Chief of the operating staff of Fund
 both a & b
Q42           Score:  2.33
 future contracts
 present contract
 spot contract
 forward contract
Q43           Score:  2.33
  Section 11
 Section 9
  Section 10


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