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Q1           Score:  1.92
 Higher Liquidity,
 Higher Profitability,
 Higher Capital Employed.
 Higher Financial Risk,
Q2           Score:  1.92
 long-term debt, preferred stock, and common stock equity
 current assets and current liabilities.
 total assets minus liabilities.
Q3           Score:  1.92
 Rs.12 lac.
  Rs.8 lac
 Rs.4 lac
 Rs.2 lac.
Q4           Score:  1.92
 net present value
 internal rate of return
 payback period
 profitability index
Q5           Score:  1.92
 5 lac
 12 lac
 14 lac
 6 lac
Q6           Score:  1.92
 Earning Yield Method
 Growth Method
 Dividend Yield Method
Q7           Score:  1.92
Q8           Score:  1.92
 Vc = D + Ra/Rc (E - D)/Rc
 Vc = D + Ra/Rc/Rc
 Vc = D + Rc/E - D
 Vc = E - D/Rc
Q9           Score:  1.92
 %change in EBIT/% change in Sales
 EBIT/Fixed Cost x Capital Employed
Q10           Score:  1.92
 not improvement
Q11           Score:  1.92
 Remain unaffected
 Will be affected
 Will improve
Q12           Score:  1.92
Q13           Score:  1.92
Q14           Score:  1.92
 Capital expenditure
 Long term assets
 A long term function
 all of the above
Q15           Score:  1.92
 Accounting Method
 Pay out Method
 Pay back Method
 all of the above
Q16           Score:  1.92
 Gradually Rising dividend Rates
 Distribution of dividend in cash
 All of the above
Q17           Score:  1.92
  Interest on fixed deposit in bank.
  Winnings from cross word puzzles.
 Gift in excess of Rs.50,000 from an unrelated person.
  Profit on sale of building.
Q18           Score:  1.92
 Dividend from co-operative society.
  Dividend from foreign company.
 Dividend from domestic company.
Q19           Score:  1.92
  Partially Exempted.
Q20           Score:  1.92
 Interest is received after T.D.S.
 They are central govt. securities.
 The interest on bank deposit is less than Rs. 10,000.
Q21           Score:  1.92
 10% + surcharge and cesses.
 20% + surcharge and cesses.
Q22           Score:  1.92
  8 years
 10 years
 5 years
 4 years
Q23           Score:  1.92
 Taxable income
 Exempted income
 . Capital gain
Q24           Score:  1.92
  Welfare Authority
  Public Authorities
 General Administration
 General Administration
Q25           Score:  1.92
  Did not exceed 50 lakh in the current year
  Did not exceed 50 lakh in the preceding year
 Did not exceed 60 lakh in the current year
Q26           Score:  1.92
 No OPT Liability .But, eligible for IPT Credit
 No OPT Liability and No IPT Credit
 Both OPT Liability and IPT Credit
Q27           Score:  1.92
 10 Common Working days in form GST REG-06
  7 Common Working days in form GST REG-06
  5 Common Working days in form GST REG-06
 3 Common Working days in form GST REG-06
Q28           Score:  1.92
  1 %
  2.5 %
Q29           Score:  1.92
 SGST Only
 CGST Only
  Both SGST and CGST
 IGST Only
Q30           Score:  1.92
Q31           Score:  1.92
Q32           Score:  1.92
  Job Worker
Q33           Score:  1.92
 Supplies made with consideration
 Supplies made without consideration
 All of the above
Q34           Score:  1.92
Q35           Score:  1.92
 Union territory tax
 Both of the above
Q36           Score:  1.92
Q37           Score:  1.92
 only a
 only b
 both a & b
 all of the above
Q38           Score:  1.92
  Date of issue of voucher
  Date of redemption of voucher
 a) & (b) whichever is later
Q39           Score:  1.92
 At the option of the supplier – Invoice date or Date of receipt of consideration
 Date of issue of invoice
 Date of receipt of consideration.
  Date of entry in books of account
Q40           Score:  1.92
 Date on which the receipt of payment is entered in the books of account
 Date on which the receipt of payment is credited in the bank account
  Earlier of (a) & (b)
Q41           Score:  1.92
 Date of entry in the books of account of associated enterprise(recipient)
 Date of payment
 Date of entry in the books of the supplier of service
  Earlier of (a) & (b)
Q42           Score:  1.92
 Date of redemption of voucher
 Date of issue of voucher
  Earlier of (a) & (b
Q43           Score:  1.92
 i, ii & iii
 i, ii & iv
 i, iii & iv
  i, ii, iii & iv
Q44           Score:  1.92
 i, ii, iii & v
  i, iii, iv & v
  i, ii, iii & iv
  i, ii, iii, iv & v
Q45           Score:  1.92
 i, ii & iii
  i, ii & iv
  i, iii & iv
 i, ii, iii & iv
Q46           Score:  1.92
 Section 9
 Section 8
  Section 11
Q47           Score:  1.92
 Section 8
 Section 9
 Section 10
Q48           Score:  1.92
 only a
 only b
 both a & b
 all of the above
Q49           Score:  1.92
 Public Information Officer (PIO
 The head of the authority
 First Appellate Authority
Q50           Score:  1.92
  held by another Public Authority
 the subject matter of which is more closely connected with the functions of another Public Authority
 Both (a) and (b)
Q51           Score:  1.92
 10 - 15 days
 30 - 45 days
 50 - 65 days
Q52           Score:  1.92
 Applications for information
 First appeals
 Second appeals


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