Life Process
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Q1           Score:  1
Q2           Score:  1
 trachea -> lungs -> pharynx -> alveoli
 nose -> larynx -> pharynx -> bronchus -> alveoli -> bronchioles
 nostrils -> pharynx -> larynx -> trachea -> bronchi -> bronchioles -> alveloi
 nose -> mouth -> lungs
Q3           Score:  1
Q4           Score:  1
 water and carbondioxide
 light and water
Q5           Score:  1
Q6           Score:  1
 large intestine
Q7           Score:  1
 heterotrophic nutrition
 autotrophic nutrition
 both heterotrophic and autotrophic nutrtion
Q8           Score:  1
Q9           Score:  1
Q10           Score:  1
 continue to live, but will not be able to store food.
 be killed instantly.
 grow more vigorously because more energy will be available.
 stop growing and gradually die.
Q11           Score:  1
 eustachin tubes.
 trachea or wind pipe
Q12           Score:  1
 remove chlorophyll from the leaves .
 remove starch from the leaves.
 ensure that no photosynthesis occurs.
Q13           Score:  1
 plasma membrane
Q14           Score:  1
 active transport
Q15           Score:  1
 To get Energy
 To repair Body Cells
 To get Ressistance Against Disease
 All of these
Q16           Score:  1
 maintaining a proper shape of lungs.
 increasing surface area for diffusion of gases.
 more space to increase volume of inspired air.
 more nerve supply.
Q17           Score:  1
 the oxidation of food to realease energy.
 breathing in and releasing oxygen in tissue.
 the synthesis of complex substances.
 transporting out carbondioxide from tissues.
Q18           Score:  1
 diaphragm moves downward.
 diaphragm moves upward.
 ribs move towards outside.
 both a) and c)
Q19           Score:  1
 to digest the food.
 to pump the blood in vessels.
 for excretion
 to produce energy from glucose.
Q20           Score:  1
 Ingestion -> Digestion -> Assimilation -> Absorption -> Egestion
 Ingestion -> Digestion -> Absorption -> Assimilation -> Egestion
 Ingestion -> Absorption -> Digestion -> Egestion -> Assimilation
 Ingestion -> Assimilation -> Absorption -> Digestion -> Egestion


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