Data Cleansing 101 Assessment 3
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Q1           Score:  1
 R package
Q2           Score:  1
Q3           Score:  1
 Extensible Markup Language
 Extension Machine Language
 Easy Machine Language
 Efficient Markup Language
Q4           Score:  1
 Web scraping
 Web Cleaning
 Media scraping
  Net Scathing
Q5           Score:  1
 Fixed, Flexible
 Fixed, Changing
 Qualitative, quantitative
 Natural, Real
Q6           Score:  1
 you ran no software on the data
 you didn't manipulate any of your numbers in the data set
 you didn't do any summarization to the data in any way
 All of the above
Q7           Score:  1
Q8           Score:  1
Q9           Score:  1
 you should have each variable that you've measured be in exactly one column
 each different observation should be in a different row
 There should be one table for every kind of variable.
 All of the above
Q10           Score:  1
 Missingness, Quantitative
 Missingness, Qualitative
 Significant, Qualitative
 Effectiveness, Quantitative
Q11           Score:  1
Q12           Score:  1
 Solo data
 Multiple data
  Double data
 Three data
Q13           Score:  1
 raw data, tidy data set, code book, instruction list
 raw data, tidy data set, R Package, instruction list
 raw data, tidy data set, R Package, Code Book
 raw data, tidy data set, R Package, Code Recipe
Q14           Score:  1
 information about the variables
 information about the summary choices that was made
 information about the experimental study design that you used
 All of the above
Q15           Score:  1
 getwd and setwd
 getR and setR
 getdir and setdir
 getdb and setdb
Q16           Score:  1
 Structured data
 Un structured data
 Data organization
  Data values
Q17           Score:  1
Q18           Score:  1
Q19           Score:  1
  Digital coding
Q20           Score:  1
 R studio


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