Data Cleansing 101 Week 5
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Q1           Score:  1
 literals and characters
 patterns and metacharacters
 patterns and characters
 literals and metacharacters
Q2           Score:  1
 getR and setR
 getwd and setwd
 getdir and setdir
 getdb and setdb
Q3           Score:  1
 Social media and websites
 Dot. Com and PHP
 Getting and Cleaning
Q4           Score:  1
Q5           Score:  1
Q6           Score:  1
  JavaScript Object Notation
 Java Optic Navigation
 Java Optic Node
  Java Optic Notation
Q7           Score:  1
Q8           Score:  1
Q9           Score:  1
 Data analyses
 Data science
 Data collection
 Data processing
Q10           Score:  1
 raw data, tidy data set, R Package, instruction list
 raw data, tidy data set, code book, instruction list
 raw data, tidy data set, R Package, Code Book
 raw data, tidy data set, R Package, Code Recipe
Q11           Score:  1
Q12           Score:  1
 you should have each variable that you've measured be in exactly one column
 each different observation should be in a different row
 There should be one table for every kind of variable
 All of the above
Q13           Score:  1
Q14           Score:  1
 Regular expression
  common expression
 string expression
 text expression
Q15           Score:  1
 Space, text
 Comma, tab
 Dot, Character
 Line, Tab
Q16           Score:  1
 Missingness, Quantitative
 Missingness, Qualitative
 Significant, Qualitative
 Effectiveness, Quantitative
Q17           Score:  1
Q18           Score:  1
 Extension Machine Language
 Extensible Markup Language
 Easy Machine Language
 Efficient Markup Language
Q19           Score:  1
 Web Cleaning
 Media scraping
 Net Scathing
 web scraping
Q20           Score:  1


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