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Q1           Score:  7.14
 Sedimentary rocks
 Metamorphic rocks
 Volcanic rocks
 none of these
Q2           Score:  7.14
 Bhubaneshwar -- Mahanadi
 Jabalpur — Narmada
 Surat --- Tapti
 none of these
Q3           Score:  7.14
 25 %
Q4           Score:  7.14
 aractic desert
 north pole
 south pole
Q5           Score:  7.14
 deposits of alluvial
 deposition of loess
Q6           Score:  7.14
Q7           Score:  7.14
Q8           Score:  7.14
 Gravitational pull of the moon on the earth's sufrace including sea water
 Gravitational pull of the sun on the earth's surface only and not on the sea water
 Gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the earth's surface including the sea water
 none of these
Q9           Score:  7.14
 science of the various kinds of serum
 artificial rearing of fish
 art of silkworm breeding
 none of these
Q10           Score:  7.14
 cheap labour
 expanding regional market
 cheap and abundant supply of power
 high yield and high sugar content in sugarcane
Q11           Score:  7.14
 Gujarat, M.P. Tamil Nadu
 Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu
 Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh
 M.P., Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu
Q12           Score:  7.14
 12 times zones
 15 times zones
 18 times zone
 24 time zone
Q13           Score:  7.14
 indira sagar project
 maheweshwer hydel power
 jobat project
 koyna power project
Q14           Score:  7.14
 The Gravitational force of the Earth
 Revolution of the Earth
 Rotation of the Earth
 Weight of the gases of atmosphere


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