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Q1           Score:  10
Q2           Score:  10
 Good things
 Bad things
Q3           Score:  10
 very sad and angry
Q4           Score:  10
Q5           Score:  10
 Yes, he was not protected
 No, he was protected
Q6           Score:  10
  His wife, sons and their wives.
 His grandma, mom and son
 his sons and his wife
Q7           Score:  10
Q8           Score:  10
 40 days and 40 nights
 40 days
 30 days and 30 nights
 30 days
Q9           Score:  10
 180 days
 100 days
 40 days
 150 days
Q10           Score:  10
 No, he promised not to
 Yes, he is sending another


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