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Q1           Score:  2
 People, Physical evidence, Package
  People, Physical evidence, Process
  People, Process, Packaging
 Physical evidence, Process, Packaging
Q2           Score:  2
  It is multi-tasking
  It is multi-purpose
  It is multi-disciplinary
 It is multi-natured
Q3           Score:  2
 Test the market with consumers
  Introduce product in open market
  Predict product’s performance and its future
  Test consumers with the product
Q4           Score:  2
 Test the market with consumers
  Introduce product in open market
  Predict product’s performance and its future
  Test consumers with the product
Q5           Score:  2
 Promotion mix
 Marketing mix
  Product mix
  STP strategy
Q6           Score:  2
  Monetary policy
  Economic policy
 Consumer protection
Q7           Score:  2
  Exchange process
  Marketing activity
 . Market place
  Money exchange
Q8           Score:  2
 . Retailing
  Direct marketing
  Direct sale
Q9           Score:  2
Q10           Score:  2
  Marketing goods to developed countries
 Marketing products worldwide
 Selling global products in domestic market
  Marketing using World Wide Web
Q11           Score:  2
  It is negative
  It is competitive
  It is costly
 . It is risky
Q12           Score:  2
  A particular retail outlet
  A particular geographical location
 A specific market segment
 A specific sales journey
Q13           Score:  2
  Over Positioning
  Confused positioning
  Under positioning
  Doubtful positioning
Q14           Score:  2
 Promotion mix
  Product mix
 Personal communication mix
 Marketing mix
Q15           Score:  2
  Straight buy
  Straight re-buy
 New task
 Modified re-buy
Q16           Score:  2
 . Straight buy
  Straight re-buy
 New task
  Modified re-buy
Q17           Score:  2
  Manufacturer brand
  Private brand
  Multi brand
Q18           Score:  2
  Manufacturer brand
  Private brand
  Multi brand
Q19           Score:  2
 4 phases
 4 personalities
 4 components
 4 philosophies
Q20           Score:  2
 Marketing information system
 Management information system
 Materials information system
 Market information system
Q21           Score:  2
Q22           Score:  2
 Educational Institution
  Non-competing business enterprise
 . Existing employees
  Employment exchange
Q23           Score:  2
  Catalogue marketing
  Direct mail
 Online marketing
 . Viral marketing
Q24           Score:  2
  Ever changing
Q25           Score:  2
Q26           Score:  2
 TV ad
 Print ad
 Online ad
 Radio ad
Q27           Score:  2
 Ad agencies
 Opinion leaders
Q28           Score:  2
 ONLY 1 & 2
Q29           Score:  2
  Product bundle
  Optional product
 Captive product
Q30           Score:  2
  Target marketing
 Market coverage
Q31           Score:  2
  Few buyers
 Many buyers
 Daily buyers
 Small buyers
Q32           Score:  2
 . Religion
  Reference group
 . Sub-culture
Q33           Score:  2
  Monetary policies
 Organisational culture
Q34           Score:  2
 Viral Marketing
  Online marketing
 Internet advertising
Q35           Score:  2
Q36           Score:  2
 . Exchange offers
 Guarantee period
  Maintenance checks
 Quality standards
Q37           Score:  2
  It uses scientific methods
 It deals with behavioural studies
  It is based on hypothesis
 It uses data and figures
Q38           Score:  2
 avation industry
Q39           Score:  2
 Sales territory
 Activity quota
  Sales margin
 Sales quota
Q40           Score:  2
 Product design
 Product packaging
  Brand equity
Q41           Score:  2
 . Local
 . Global
Q42           Score:  2
Q43           Score:  2
 . Lead evaluation
 Buyer analysis
 Order generation
 Lead generation
Q44           Score:  2
  Past sales analysis
 Expert opinion method
 Market test method
 Composite of sales force opinion
Q45           Score:  2
  Statement I alone is correct.
  Statement II alone is correct.
 . Both statements are correct.
Q46           Score:  2
 Commodity, institutions and functional approach.
 Commodity, functional risks, management approach.
 Product, service mix, functional and institutional approach.
Q47           Score:  2
 only a
 only b
 only c
 all of the above
Q48           Score:  2
 Prime Cost plus all variable overheads
 Prime Cost minus all variable overheads
 Variable overheads
 None of the above
Q49           Score:  2
Q50           Score:  2
 Marginal cost
  Prime cost
  All variable overheads
  None of the above


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