Research Aptitude Mock Test1
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Q1           Score:  1
 Action Research
 Empirical Research
 Conceptual Research
 Fundamental Research
Q2           Score:  1
Q3           Score:  1
 Primary Data only
 Secondary Data only
 Both Primary and Secondary Data
 none of the above
Q4           Score:  1
 DeScriptive Research
 Sample Survey
 Fundamental Research
 Applied Research
Q5           Score:  1
 Generate new knowledge
 Not to develop a theory
 Obtain research degree
 Reinterpret existing knowledge.
Q6           Score:  1
Q7           Score:  1
Q8           Score:  1
 giving lectures
 multiple targets groups
 showcase new theories
 hands on training/experience
Q9           Score:  1
 My firm belief
 Difficult to agree to
 It is an opinion
 Only a hypothesis
Q10           Score:  1
 it must be objective
 it must be in tune with accepted beliefs
 it must be consistent
 it must be testable
Q11           Score:  1
 a) Qualitative only
 b) Quantitative only
 c) Both (a) and (b)
 d) Neither (a) nor (b)
Q12           Score:  1
 authority of the Prophet or great men
 social traditions and customs
 religious Scriptures
 laboratory and field experiments
Q13           Score:  1
 single variable
 interest of the subject
Q14           Score:  1
 normative researches
 ex-post facto researches
 both of the above
 none of the above
Q15           Score:  1
 manipulation and replication
 reference collection
Q16           Score:  1
 a cluster sample
 a random sample
 a stratified sample
 a systematic sample
Q17           Score:  1
 eliminating extraneous factors
 taking the true representative sample of the population
 both of the above measures
 none of these
Q18           Score:  1
 none of these
Q19           Score:  1
 survey studies
 fact finding (historical) studies
 normative studies
 experimental studies
Q20           Score:  1
 must not use the numerical figures in numbers in the beginning of sentences
 must arrange it in logical, topical and chronological order
 must compare his results with those of the other studies
 all of the above
Q21           Score:  1
 precise, specific and consistent with moist known facts
 formulated in such a way that it can be tested by the data
 of limited scope and should not have global significance
 all of the above
Q22           Score:  1
 (i) and (ii) only
 (i), (ii), and (iii)
 (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)
 (ii) and (iii) only
Q23           Score:  1
 the formulation of the hypothesis
 the hypothesis testing
 all of the above
Q24           Score:  1
 it is researchable
 it is new and add something to knowledge
 it has utility and relevance
 all of the above
Q25           Score:  1
 The author who is the source of information is biased, incompetent or dishonest
 The incident was reported after a long period of time from that of its occurrence
 The researcher himself is not competent enough to draw logical conclusions
 all of the above
Q26           Score:  1
 To communicate the research work carried out by the researcher
 To put the results for wider criticism or approval
 To modify the research process if there is any discrepancy in it
 all of the above
Q27           Score:  1
 Statistical in nature
Q28           Score:  1
 He should not have used the words having more than one meaning
 He should forecast the results on its basis
 He should precise its nature
 All the above
Q29           Score:  1
 Need of extra time
 Extra emphasis on practicality
 Need of specific research material
 All of the above
Q30           Score:  1
 Pilot testing
 Lab experiments
 Both A & B
Q31           Score:  1
 Non Participant
Q32           Score:  1
 Formulation of Hypothesis
 Tools Preparation
 Data Analysis
 Research Reporting
Q33           Score:  1
 The research has been carried out for ornamental degrees
 The research has been carried out for name and fame
 The research has been carried out for invention
 None of the above
Q34           Score:  1
 Isolating the variables that are involved in the problem and clarifying their relationships
 Accumulating the facts that might be related to the problem
 Attending seminars on research methodology
 Proposing various relevant explanations (hypothesis) for the cause of the difficulty.
Q35           Score:  1
 Data analysis and interpretation
 Parameter inference
 Statistical inference
 All of the above
Q36           Score:  1
 action research
 quantitative research
 basic research
 mixed method research
Q37           Score:  1
 Interview protocol
 Summated rating scale
 Event sampling
Q38           Score:  1
 He is a specialist rather than a generalist
 He is industrious and persistent on the trial of discovery
 He is not inspirational to his chosen field but accepts the reality
 He is not versatile in his interest and even in his native abilities
Q39           Score:  1
 The process of promoting the reflective level
 The process of nurturing the higher cognition
 The interactional process of thinking
 All of the above are true
Q40           Score:  1
 has studied research methodology
 holds a postgraduate degree
 possesses thinking and reasoning ability
 is a hard worker


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