Research Aptitude Mock Test2
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Q1           Score:  1
 Fact finding
Q2           Score:  1
 Statement of the problem
 Understanding the nature of the problem
Q3           Score:  1
Q4           Score:  1
Q5           Score:  1
 They keep you focused throughout the data collection period
 They are linked together to help you construct a coherent argument
 They guide your literature search
 They make the scope of your research as wide as possible
Q6           Score:  1
 Manipulation and replication
 Reference collection
Q7           Score:  1
 Isolating the variables that are involved in the problem and clarifying their relationships
 Accumulating the facts that might be related to the problem
 Attending seminars on research methodology
 Proposing various relevant explanations (hypothesis) for the cause of the difficulty.
Q8           Score:  1
 Active Imagination
 All of the above
Q9           Score:  1
 confirm triangulation
 Introduce new variables
 improve data interpretation
 eliminate spurious relations
Q10           Score:  1
 Relevance of research.
 Depth of the research.
 Methodology followed in conducting the research.
 experience of researcher.
Q11           Score:  1
 questions, answers, prediction, explanation, summary
 influence, prediction, questions, exploration, answers
 exploration, deScription, explanation, prediction, influence
 prediction, summary, conclusion, explanation, deScription
Q12           Score:  1
 Searching again and again
 Finding solution to any problem
 Scientific approach to new truth
 Conducting experiment
Q13           Score:  1
 Sub table
 Co relational tables
Q14           Score:  1
 Researches reflect the progress of a nation
 Researches focus on human development
 Researches help in acquiring international prestige
 All of the above
Q15           Score:  1
 real life situations
 laboratory situations
 experimental situations
 none of the above
Q16           Score:  1
 All of the above
Q17           Score:  1
 Another dependent variable
 A confounding variable
 A moderating variable
 An unreliable variable
Q18           Score:  1
 Collection of Data
 Statement of Objectives
 Analysis of Data
 Selection of Research Tools
Q19           Score:  1
 all of the above
Q20           Score:  1
 Searching sources of information to locate problem.
 Survey of related literature
 Searching for solutions to the problem
 Identification of problem
Q21           Score:  1
 A scientific method of inquiry
 Identification and limitation of the problem
 Effect of certain past studies
 All of the above
Q22           Score:  1
 All the above
Q23           Score:  1
 The advantageous aims used in archery training in olden days
 The objectives employed in modern Rifle Shooting competitions
 Both of the above analogous and true in terminology's perspective
 Both are the heterogeneous and not related with the term in question
Q24           Score:  1
 Practicality of a problem
 Novelty of a problem
 Future-orientation of a problem
 All the above
Q25           Score:  1
 Single group experiment
 Residual group experiment
 Parallel group experiment
 Rational group experiment
Q26           Score:  1
 Two types-Independent and dependent variable
 Three types-Independent, dependent and intervening variables
 Four types-Independent, dependent. Intervening and control variables
 none of the above
Q27           Score:  1
Q28           Score:  1
 Through its impartiality
 Through its reliability
 Through its validity
 All the above
Q29           Score:  1
 age, temperature, income, height
 grade point average, anxiety level, reading performance
 gender, religion, ethnic group
 both A and B
Q30           Score:  1
 Researcher's degree of confidence.
 All the above
Q31           Score:  1
 Random Sampling
 Stratified Random Sampling
 Cluster Sampling
 Systematic Sampling
Q32           Score:  1
 simplification of complex data
 simplification and comparison
 analysis of data
 simplification of complex data, facilitates comparison, patterns and interpretation
Q33           Score:  1
 Social Technique
 Biological Study
 Scientific Study
Q34           Score:  1
 Note taking
 Audio taping
 Writing notes after the interview
Q35           Score:  1
 Question form Hypothesis and Declarative Hypothesis
 Directional Hypothesis and non-directional Hypothesis
 Both (A) & (B)
 None of the above
Q36           Score:  1
 Research is problem oriented
 Research is not passive
 Research is not a process
 Research is systematic
Q37           Score:  1
 Global Standardization
 Global Communication
 Global Awakening
 Global Welfare
Q38           Score:  1
 Cultural back-ground of a country
 Specific characteristics of the castes
 None of the above
Q39           Score:  1
 You should choose accurate and clear words that are free from bias.
 You should avoid labeling people whenever possible
 You should avoid using the term"subjects" whenever possible
 All of the above are true according to the APA Guidelines
Q40           Score:  1
 modifying behavior by concrete operations
 retention of space
 retention of number
 retention of form


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